Friday, August 31, 2012

Ready for the Doctor

It still gives me tingles in my spine, the pulsating bass married to an almost operatic electronica, the memories of cowering behind the sofa at the sight of men in naff looking metal outfits or wheelie bins with loo plungers sticking out the front of them. Of course I am talking about Doctor Who, which returns to our screens on BBC America tomorrow, the naffly dressed tin man obviously being the Cybermen, and the bog plunging wheelie bins, the Daleks.

To say I am excited is something of an understatement, I love Doctor Who, always have, always will. One of the things I love about it is that unlike so much other sci-fi (really SyFy channel, you think your version is better?) is that it isn't so morally earnest and po-facedly serious. Of course, the return of the Doctor means being sat in front of the TV on a Saturday night with a few beers - perhaps a growler of something good, Beer Run has Victory Braumeister Pils Spalt on tap at the moment, I have a growler of ESB from Hunter Gatherer in Columbia, SC in the fridge, as Mrs V's best friends and hubby are coming to visit for the weekend.

All it all it promises to be a good weekend, friends, booze and Doctor Who, what more could you want? To get you in the mood, here is a trance remix of the Doctor Who theme...

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  1. So you have fine taste in TV as well as beer?! Good to hear. Interesting BBC America shows it on the same day as here in the UK. The beer choice has to be something dark and mysterious, surely...


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