Friday, June 1, 2012

Landlord, landlord!

A quick post today as I am at the Society for Scholarly Publishing annual meeting. Last night though I went back to Church Key with some of my colleagues for dinner.

Highlight of the dinner was very simple, bottled Timothy Taylor Landlord, though the J.W. Lees Harvest 2011 aged in Lagavulin casks was also rather nice. There are many times when I wish there was an American brewer making English style pale ale with as much panache and flavour as Landlord, especially when paying more than $10 for a bottle. As a treat though, it was worth every drop of the amber nectar.

When I get back to Charlottesville tonight, I can see a few bottles of St Bernardus in my future, and possibly finally tucking into Evan Rail's homebrew...


  1. Of the many English beers that have differing flavours and vital statistics between bottled and draught versions, I think the widest gulf is with Landlord, which is also the only one I can think of that's weaker in the bottle than on tap, as well as being a different colour and tasting totally different.

    They really should call the bottled version something else: it's not Landlord.

  2. I have only ever had the bottled Landlord. Is the draught version better, or is it just as good yet different?

  3. When it's good, the draught version is superb. I've never really thought much of the bottled one. I find it quite bland and grainy.


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