Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is what it is all about

Forgive me if any of these have been posted before, but this is what my blog is all about....

If it's not about the beer, then what is the point?


  1. but how is it dispensed? What is the CO2 origin?

  2. i hope those bottles have the CAMRA 'this is real ale' logo on them. ;)

  3. Cookie,

    Dispense was done through a complex method of removing the crown cork and pouring contents into a glass. ;)


    Nope, not one of them. And all bloody tasty they were too, despite it!

  4. One of the best pints I had in 2008 (I'm sad enough to remember this) was a Co2 keg beer, Tennents Ember. It tasted wonderful.


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