Monday, July 5, 2010

IHP Pale Ale a la A Homebrew Log

The plan was simple, trade homebrew with a fellow homebrewer and blog about them. The original plan was to swap American Pale Ales brewed for the International Homebrew Project which I organised back in January and blog about them. Well, James from A Homebrew Log and I met a couple of weeks ago to swap beers, and last night I popped up his version of the IHP recipe.

As ever, I use my version of Cyclops.

  • Sight - amber, volumous rocky white head and lots of carbonation
  • Smell - grapefruit hoppiness, but not extreme
  • Taste - a nice balance between the hops and a smooth sweet maltiness
  • Sweet - 2/5
  • Bitter - 2.5/5
A very, very nice pale ale indeed! A nice smooth body with a long dry finish which was just perfect to end the day with. I could certainly, and happily, drink large volumes of this! One of my criticisms of pale ales at times is that they are thin and the hoppiness often makes drinking it like puckering up and sucking a lemon, James's beer is most definitely not in that ball park.

Originally I planned to drink this alongside my own version of the recipe, which I am calling Copper Head Pale Ale, but like a doofus I gave the remaining bottles of my version away. So this post ends a few paragraphs early, but you can read what James has to say about the Pale Ale and my Scottish 80/- ale here.

On Wednesday I will be writing about the other beers James gave me, and if they are as good as the pale ale, then it should be a fun Tuesday night's drinking preparing for a Wednesday's posting!

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  1. Sorry to hear you ran out of your own IHP Pale Ale. I find that bottles and kegs of pale ale tend to run dry pretty fast around my house. Fortunately I had saved one bottle of mine for the tasting. Now mine is all gone as well!


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