Friday, July 9, 2010

Brewer of the Week

A couple of years ago, Mrs Velkyal and I went to Ireland for a long weekend as it was a public holiday back in the Czech Republic, and close enough to my birthday to be considered a treat. It was there that I met various other beer bloggers, The Beer Nut, Barry from The Bitten Bullet and Saruman of The Tale of the Ale. That weekend is lodged in my memory as one of my favourite trips ever. The highlight for me though was fulfilling a long standing ambition to go to Galway out on the west coast, in a part of Ireland that bears a striking resemblance to the part of Scotland I grew up in, it was like going home. The fact that we spent most of the day in the magnificent Sheridan's on the Docks and I delighted in my first Galway Hooker made the day even more memorable. This week, Fuggled talks to the maker of that most wonderful of beers!

Name: Aidan Murphy
Brewery: Galway Hooker

How did you get into brewing as a career?

I always had an interest in beer ever since visiting Germany as a school boy and seeing the variety available there. I studied Food Science in university and followed this up with a masters in Brewing and Distilling. Following this I got my first job in brewing in the Isle of Man at Okells Brewery.

What is the most important characteristic of a brewer?

I think having a passion for what you do is the most important. If you love good beer you will work hard to make sure its right.

Before being a professional brewer, did you homebrew? If so, how many of your homebrew recipes have you converted to full scale production?

No. Have never home brewed.

What is your favourite beer that you brew?

Our Irish Pale Ale. I love hoppy but balanced beers.

If you have worked in other breweries, which other beer did you enjoy brewing, and why?

I always enjoy brewing new beers. So any beer I’m doing for the first time is always the most exciting.

Of the beers you brew, which is your favourite to drink?

Our Irish Pale Ale, Galway Hooker. I love hoppy but balanced beers.

How important is authenticity when making a new beer, in terms of flavour, ingredients and method?

I think it is of moderate importance. The most important thing is the flavour and purity. If I brew an mild and something thinks it’s more like a porter, that is of little importance to me. The important thing is if they like it!!

If you were to do a collaborative beer, which brewery would you most like to work with and why?

I believe all the microbreweries in Ireland are great so I would be happy to work with any of them. It would just depend on who it best fits with at that particular time

Which beer, other than your own, do you wish you had invented?

Sierra Nevada. I think this is an iconic beer for most microbrewers.

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