Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Not To Blog

Yesterday I flew back from North Dakota to Virginia, with a couple of hours sat around in Minneapolis airport again. It happened to be lunch time, and we happened to go to Rock Bottom Brewery again because we knew the food was good. This time I was planning to go into full tippler mode, out came the notepad, swiftly followed by a pen, I checked I had enough battery on my phone to use the camera and I ordered the sampler tray - my bosses looked on, amused by the level of my preparedness for taking notes about beer, pausing only to comment they were surprised I didn't have a printable sheet instead of regular paper. I have actually thought about it, but then I realised I didn't want to look like some total sad basket case, just a part-timer with a notepad is fine for me.

The samples came, carried on a rather natty metal rack, and placed on top of the info card for the beers, each glass on the description of that beer. There were 6 beers in the line-up, ranging from a witbier to the brown ale I had on Monday. Phone camera in hand, I took pictures, I made my notes, I enjoyed most of all the English pale ale and the brown ale, the other beers were perfectly fine as well, all in all an enjoyable little sampling. I wanted to look at the pictures, after all a mobile phone camera doesn't always take great shots. In this case it had not taken any shots at all. The reason? Quite simply I am a prat, and forgot that with this phone you take the snap and then press "save", unlike my old phone by the same manufacturer where you take a snap and it was saved automatically. So no pictures of the beers to go with the descriptions, so to spare you all a frankly tedious brain dump of tasting notes, I thought I would own up to my dim-wittedness and assure you that if you find yourself in Minneapolis airport with time to spare, hunt down Rock Bottom Brewery and enjoy some decent beers and the excellent fish and chips, which is salmon rather than cod!

You live and learn.


  1. I cant tell you how many times I did that with my old phone. not only of the beers I drank, but of almost all my photos.

  2. While in Brussels I was in full beer maniac mode. I was positioning and photographing my goblet of Orval in a quiet local pub one evening when the 50 something bartender who had been curiously monitoring me for a minute or two walked over and asked me if something was wrong with the beer and if everything was okay.

  3. I forget what kind it was. it was a couple of years ago, and a major pain in the...


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