Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From the Cask

Admittedly the pictures in this post were taken about a week ago, and posted on Twitter. It was only this morning that I realised I hadn't written anything about how the beer from my little cask actually tasted as opposed to just looked. The beer in the cask was my Gael 80/- Scottish Export Ale and although it looks really dark in the picture above, when held up to the light it was a bright crimson.

One thing I learnt after the first pint burst forth from the polypin was that to get a decent head I needed to press down on the polypin when pouring. Drinking your own real ale from a cask really makes you appreciate the difference between a beer being nicely conditioned and overly fizzy, and I know without doubt which I prefer.

In terms of the actual taste of the beer, the chocolate and caramel malts I used are very much to the fore, with just the slightest hoppy bitterness in the background - just as it should be. The first couple of pints were a touch thin, but after a few days they body filled out a bit and made the beer rather moreish. I was a bit worried that the beer would lose condition quite quickly from the cask, but it stayed good for about 10 days.

So I think my cask ale was a success, from both a technical and a drink point of view, and I may have to buy a couple more pins, and if Mrs Velkyal and I find a house to buy within our budget, I can see a beer engine becoming an essential!


  1. The beer looks lovely! Good blog by the way!

    /Jonte, Sweden

  2. Looks good. With you on the house front too ... that brewing shed WILL become a reality! :P


  3. "The first couple of pints were a touch thin, but after a few days they body filled out a bit and made the beer rather moreish."

    A lot of my beers are a touch thin the first day that I drink them and then seem to fill out. I wonder if I overcarbonate (I use corny kegs and a cask breather, sometimes natural carbonation sometimes via a regulator).

  4. I'm finding my own polypin beer very flat indeed. Perhaps I didn't prime it enough, but the polypin was very firm and I'd had it in the fridge for two days prior to drinking it. I don't like fizzy beer, but if I got it this flat in a pub I wouldn't be happy.


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