Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why Drink Beer Instead of Wine?

An interesting question, and the basis of the poll on the side bar, but I want your opinions as comments here as well.

The question was put to me by one of the brewers at Everards, who will be appearing on BBC Radio Leicester next week to answer this exact question, so beer lovers of the world go crazy and answer the question!

Why drink beer instead of wine?


  1. Add a comment.... I like it better. Simple enough.

  2. Beer cannot replace wine. I love wine very much. Looking forward to view some craziest answers from beer lovers

  3. I love wine very much, but I just like beer better. I can't imagine opening a bottle of Rioja after walking several km on a warm day, but a pint of desítka, that does the job really well.

    And also there's the value for money thing. For the same price I can buy a bottle of wine that will go from the mediocre to the just fine, I can get a unique, top of the range craft beer...

  4. Dan,

    but why do you like it better, what in particular puts off about wine for example? Some metadata please!


    I was trying to think of the best way of putting the cheaper thing into the poll, but you are spot on, it is better value for money.


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