Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just a Reminder

This weekend is a brewing weekend, but not just any brewing weekend. This weekend is the beginning of the Fuggled International Homebrew Project, when those who want to take part will be brewing the American Pale Ale which is the product of all those polls I ran.

For those unaware of this project and interested in taking part, the recipe is here.

Originally I intended everyone to post about their beer on Monday 21st March, however I have decided to make the posting day Friday 25th March, just to make the schedule a touch easier.

On a side note, I bottled LimeLight 2.0 on Sunday. This version of LimeLight is a trial batch for a friend's wedding in April, when I am planning to make sufficient beer to give every adult a bottle. This version is far spicier than the original, and has more of a hoppy bite to it, so I have great hopes for it when I try it after 3 weeks conditioning. If the aroma that burst out of the fermenter is anything to go by though, it will be good.


  1. Hello Velky Al. Firstly let me say I really enjoy reading your blog. Now for a bit of an off topic question, I remember in one of your old posts you mentioned your trip to Cesky Krumlov and a delightful pension you stayed in. You don't happen to remember the name of the place do you? I will be entertaining some visitors and want to organise a trip there. Thanks in advance. R

  2. Indeed I do! It is called Penzionek Olsakovasky - whenever Mrs V and went down to Krumlov we would stay in that penzion, a superb place that I heartily recommend to all and sundry.

    Can I also recommend visiting Papa's Living Restaurant, great ribs and even better Argentine Malbec, shame the beer sucks.

  3. Thanks a lot for your pointers!

  4. Just finished brewing the International American Pale Ale. I couldn't get ahold of any crystal 10 so I substituted crystal 20 and just scaled it down a bit to get the same SRM. I also adjusted my hop addition weights to hit the target 37.5 IBUs.

  5. Great! I miscalculated the amount of DME needed to hit the gravity, so have a slightly lighter beer in the fermenter but it is going great guns in there!


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