Friday, February 5, 2010

Hopped Scotch?

Yesterday my brewing ingredients for the International Homebrew Project arrived from those lovely people at Northern Brewer, and now I fear my fridge is starting to resemble a hop store. In the fridge, awaiting the wondrous transformation into beer are packs of Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial and Saaz. 

For my scaled down version of the American Pale Ale for the IHP I will only be using about half of the Amarillo, Cascade and Centennial, though obviously none of the Saaz. Now, the sensible thing to do would be make a second batch of the American Pale Ale recipe, I should really think of a name for it - I have been referring to it of late as CAC, which is definitely not good in so many languages. Sensible has never been my strong point though.

What to do though? Stout with Centennial, Amarillo and Cascade? Or perhaps a porter would be better, just to test a theory I have that the so-called "Black IPA" is really nothing more than an over-hopped porter. I could, of course, up the malt content and make an IPA, or really give the malt a boost and make a hoppy Wee Heavy (calling it Wee Hoppy, naturally).

Decisions, decisions.

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