Friday, June 5, 2009


Here’s a thing which may surprise one or two of you, I studied to be a minister of religion, which meant 3 years of church history, theology, ethics and my favourite subject, hermeneutics. One of the themes raised time and again in college was how to maintain your integrity within the community you work with? It is something I think about quite often with regard to my blogging activity, in particular how not to compromise my freedom to say what is on my mind?

That is one of the reasons why Fuggled is a paid advertising free zone, and I realize that on my blog I regularly and openly advertise people’s products, whether I have enjoyed them or not, though I wonder how many people have rushed out to try Gambrinus Excelent on the basis of me saying it isn’t terrible?

Neither do I give myself the title of a beer expert, which is such a relative term anyway as to be almost meaningless. Within one group of my friends I am the most knowledgeable about beer, within yet another group I spend most of my time listening and learning something new, whether about styles or flavours to expect from a given beer.

Perhaps when Mrs V and I are in the States I will do the beer judge course and take my knowledge to a higher level – that sounds esoteric and poncey - but until then I am just a bloke who loves beer, home brewing and writing (something I hope I am half decent at).


  1. I'm with you on the hermeneutics thing.

    Oh, and also the beer.

  2. Hermeneutics was and stil is fascinating to me - especiallz the work of the liberaton theologians in Latin America.

    That goodness beer is also endlessly fascinating!

  3. Can I get a shout-out to Hans-Georg Gadamer? Wahrheit und Methode is the hermeneutical shizzle.

    Beer Nut (BA 1st class: Hebrew, Biblical & Theological Studies), out.

  4. So, when you visit Beer Bits 2 do you get frustrated that I have ads there? I just added an amazon widget and its kinda slow and annoying me right now.

    I've struggled with having ads on the site over the years and I think the techie tinkerer side of me keeps winning and putting up the ads. Although I have gone ad free periodically.

    Always interested in readers opinions. So what do you think of ads on other people's sites?

  5. Found it! Very good Al, keep up the good work! Have bookmarked, will return. Rod

  6. I am with Al on the ads. I have no intention of putting ads on my own blog. If someone wants me to advertise one of their beers but get an honest opinion then thats fine.

    For me, weighing the options of what little money I might make versus keeping my blog Ad free I come to the conclusion that its just not worth it.

    If I had a larger community site with thousands of visitors then it might be worth it and would not be out of place but not for a blog and especially one that only a few people read.

  7. Saruman,

    I hear ya. Can't say I've made much money. You guys are giving me something to think about. Thanks :-)


  8. yeah, i know what you mean. There are some blogs out there that just...I dont know. Grate. Surely the point is that we are a group of guys (and gals) who just want to tell each other about great beers? Spreading the knowledge? Just like we would if we were all sat in a pub or bar, having a pint? That's my take on Blogging, anyway...and I'd have no problems wit 'getting qualified' either.

  9. Adam,

    It doesn't bother me really what other people do with their blogs, I am thinking here purely about my own sense of integrity. I would rather be poor but have the freedom to speak my mind than feel as though I owe something to someone simply because they throw money at me.

    I was approached by a company in the States about advertising on Fuggled, basically by putting a link into the content to their website, for which they would pay me - I felt uncomfortable with the whole thing because I didn't think the "brand fit" was that great between them and me. They are a barstool company and while I park my butt on one fairly often, it really has very little to do with the focus of Fuggled. Plus they claimed several bloggers as references who had told them to get knotted.


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