Monday, September 28, 2009

Caramel 60 and Chocolate Malt Bread

As planned, I spent this morning brewing, making my Gael Scottish ale which I wrote about previously. Well once I was done with the brewing I decided that I would give making bread with the spent grains a bash. Making bread is something I do fairly regularly, and I seem to have a knack for making tasty loaves which are appreciated by more than just Mrs Velkyal and I - last week I traded a cinnamon loaf for 18 free range eggs, and I am looking at doing more such swaps.

If it weren't for my love of brewing, I could quite happily take up being a baker - I don't use a bread machine because I enjoy the process of kneading and proving the bread the old fashioned way. Below are some pictures of the bread in various stages, I am about to enjoy the final stage; butter, a sprinkling of salt and enjoying the latest episode of House!

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