Monday, August 24, 2009

A 5 Starr Lager

I have mentioned elsewhere that I am yet to have a pilsner style lager from this side of the Pond that matches up to those I enjoyed regularly when living in the Czech Republic. I wonder though if this lack of satisfaction with American Pilsners is a case of unfulfilled expectation, the label says pilsner so I want a drink which will remind me the classic.

When the label though states that the golden drop in my glass is a "lager" rather than any particular style of lager there is no expectation, so I can enjoy the beer for itself. A case in point would be Samuel Adams Boston Lager, which I really enjoy and am convinced is one of the great lagers of the world. Another American lager I thoroughly enjoy is Jomo Lager from the Starr Hill Brewery in nearby Crozet.

Jomo is a lovely clean lager which goes down with inordinate ease, nicely hoppy but with a lightly sweet undertone - just the kind of beer which requires a leafy beer garden, a warm late summer afternoon and a busty serving wench making regular trips to your table, laden with steins of joy, the smell of bratwurst grilling nearby and so. You get the picture.

Before some smart alec makes a comment to this effect, yes I started working in the Starr Hill Brewery tasting room on Saturday, however this will not affect the independence of this blog. I will continue to refuse money for advertising here and the only opinions represented in posts are mine and mine alone. On that you have my word.


  1. Working in the tasting room? America really is the land of opportunity!

  2. Yup! I get to serve samples of some truly lovely beers and talk about them with people who come to the brewery for a tour and tasting on Saturdays. All I need now is a proper full time job and I'll be a happy camper.

  3. I dig the fact that you're immersing yourself in Virginia beer culture, and particularly what the local Charlottesville area has to offer. It's a good place to try some great Virginia beers, and if you haven't already, I highly recommend taking a trip to Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton. Give me advanced notice and I'll either join you or give you a list of things to grab for me!