Monday, March 2, 2009

EDM Bottled

Or at least the 1.040 OG version is now bottled. The final gravity on this one was 1.010, giving it an ABV of 4.07%. I decided to leave the stronger of the beers for a couple of extra days as there is still the occasional bubble coming through. I only managed to get 6 full bottles from the beer, partly a combination of small batch, just 4 litres, and the fact that bottling with a piece of tubing rather than a bottling bucket is a pain in the backside and a study in slopping beer on the floor.

That's one of the reasons that today I am going to Bauhaus to buy one of their jerry cans with a tap on the front, so that I can use it as a secondary fermemter and/or bottling bucket.

I tasted a little bit of the beer, and it is a little on the thin side and the smokiness I wanted doesn't seem to have worked, but given a few weeks in the bottles and some carbonation we will see what the final result is. At the moment I am just rather glad that the process worked and I have made beer!


  1. It's difficult to get a trace of smoke. My smoky porter has none at all. The main problem is a fear of over doing the smoke which causes most to under do it.

  2. I actually I was overplaying it by using also 300g for 8 litres of wort. I am half expecting the stronger of the 2 brews to have a smoky flavour when I bottle it today or tomorrow.


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